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Digital Marketing Strategies to Help
Software Development Companies Land New Clients

We create digital marketing campaigns to generate
a predictable flow of new software projects for your business.

Our #1 goal: Measurable ROI for our clients

How We Can Help Your Business


Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Use Facebook’s massive network and cutting-edge advertising network to get in front of users interested in your company’s software development services.


Why Choose Our Team

  • Our founder was a software developer and we only work with software development companies – you’ll be working with a team that truly understands your business, not another “jack of all trades” agency.
  • Focused on creating digital marketing campaigns that deliver real value to your business, not just using the latest “tactics” which usually result in short-lived success.
  • Strong focus on using direct response marketing principles to drive tangible leads to your business, not just campaigns that build your brand.
  • We put a priority on maintaining good communication during and after your project.
  • Simple billing that doesn’t lock you in. In other words, we have to deliver results in order to keep earning your business.
  • A cost-effective, flexible alternative to unreliable freelancers, hiring new staff, or training someone in-house.

I trusted Mix Digital Media to take on important, complicated parts of our site, and they always delivered. They work hard, push for the best results, and are great to work with. I recommend them without hesitation.

Darren K., Senior VP

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